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Центр правовых исследований
АНО "ЭПИ-Центр"

The Epi-center group

The Epi-center group comprises two law firms which have different objectives in the legal service market, but share a common goal to perform research on legal issues, render legal education and assistance to their clients for the solution of controversial legal issues.

Limited Liability company LandEco (“LandEco” LTD) performs a wide range of legal and other services, offering legal support for the transactions with land and real estate, highly qualified legal assistance in resolution of land disputes, supervision and support of legal proceedings in the sphere of environmental protection and individual branches of environmental management, representation of clients in courts, government agencies and local governments and other kinds of legal and other services to corporate and private clients.

The Center for land, town planning and environmental legal research Epi-Center (ANO "EPI-Center") is an autonomous nonprofit organization, established for the purpose of legal education and public awareness, organization of workshops and consulting seminars, implementation of research and analysis on legal matters. The scope of our professional interest includes the research of issues and controversies of land, town planning and environmental legislation, as well as some other legal branches.

Our mission is to render qualified legal assistance for everyone who seeks it. Our companies are pursuing to achieve a single goal – the research of legal problems, legal education and assistance to our clients in the resolution of complex legal issues in the sphere of land relations, urban planning, environmental protection and use of natural resources.

We offer a wide range of legal services for the support of business, allowing for its protection and steady and successful development. Our activities are aimed at popularization and promotion of legal ideas, development of legal education and research in the sphere of our practical interests.

We create conditions for the development and professional growth of our employees. Our team comprises like-minded people, who do not stop there, but continue to improve their professional skills, participate in research and teaching, take part in scientific and practical conferences and seminars.

We strive to guarantee such a quality of our service as to ensure our customers reach the goals and success of their endeavors.

Our team members are leading and recognized experts in various fields of law - both well-known scholars and lawyers with active practice. Our experts can provide a wide range of consulting and expertise based on the needs of the client.

We actively cooperate with the leading scientists of the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Jurisprudence under the Government of the Russian Federation, experienced lawyers and other legal lawyers, who are able to perform various research and analytical work.

Our address: Moscow 121354, Dorogobuzhskaya street 14, bld 6
Phone: +7 (499) 502-5495, +7 (495) 943-6442
E-mail: info@zemeco.ru